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The Picasso Way

1. Can you start out by telling us a little bit about your business and what you do?

     Picasso Homes is a unique custom home build company located in Colorado Springs.  Our build radius is from Southern Denver to Woodland Park.  We have what I believe is a different approach to home building.  Our team is really inspired by great architecture and extraordinary interior design.  Picasso's collaborative approach ultimately delivers a better product that flows naturally and has unique finishes.  I personally oversee the team, manager of sorts, making sure we follow the process and accurately implement the customer's vision.  I am directly involved on the front end of the client's engagement with Picasso- from the first phone call helping educate them on Picasso's methods- all the way through to closing, where I personally hand off the keys.  Our clients typically come to us having a loose vision of what they want to build.  Picasso not only brings that to life but delivers something that they are even more excited about when finished.  

2.  Since you've been in business, how have you seen the industry change?

I think the biggest change we have seen has been a bit of an 'architectural renaissance' than what's been typically built in the Colorado Springs area.  In the past, you would either build a Tuscan or Mountain inspired home.  When we started Picasso 6 years ago, there was not much of anything architecturally different out there or at least nothing too different than what we've seen the last 20-30 years. We would like to think we have had a little something to do with the change, featuring our award winning homes in the last three Parade of Homes.  

3.  What are the big trends now, and how are they different from what you've seen in the past?

The trends we are seeing are fun and exciting.  An amalgamation of architectural styles--  a refreshed look at mid century modern-- leaning more contemporary, but not cold and unapproachable, for example.  Mixture of finished materials is also becoming more prevalent-- no longer all nickel or oil rubbed bronze fixtures.  Color trends are less monochromatic gray and white, with more blues and other unexpected pops of primary colors incorporated into the color schemes.  Also a mingling of materials is on trend, balancing metals, woods and tiles in unexpected, yet harmonious ways.  

4.  Do you work closely with any architects, interior designers or landscapers? If so, what are those relationships like?

When someone engages us to build their home we are, in essence, a 'one stop' shop.  The hand picked Picasso Team consists of an architect, interior designer and general contractor.   We find that if you start with all of the industry experts on board, collaborating during the design and construction phases, it produces a superior home and eliminates many of the costly mistakes.  Our approach provides a smoother build process, with a team engaged from onset through completion, each devoting their specific talents in a seamless fashion.  It's this synergistic effort that delivers award winning homes and happy clients.  

5.  Do you have any homebuilding tips for people (maybe something about affordable renovations homeowners can do that go a long way)?

With my real estate agent background, I do see things that add value in the construction / renovation process.  An updated kitchen, functional for your lifestyle, has always been the first place to spend money.  Secondarily, master bathrooms and powder rooms are good areas to budget more money.  When you think of it, everyone visiting your home will see that powder room-- make it something special.  Give it your personal flair. Additionally, cosmetic fixes are cheaper than total renovations-- things such as a coat of fresh paint, replacing carpet,  updating lighting and plumbing fixtures...  these go a long way when the right buyer comes along.

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