Lead Designer

Darcy is often heard saying during meetings that she is only there for comic relief... which is, admittedly, partially true.  It follows her strong belief in the philosophy to enjoy the journey, and that should also apply to the home build process.  It doesn’t hurt that Darcy is also incredibly organized, detail orientated and completely happy to type up continual meeting notes and project progress reports to keep the team and clients informed.  But that is not her only role.  You will find Darcy tracking down interior selections with vendors, scheduling follow ups with subs, connecting with team members and updating clients.

  “I love what I do,” says Darcy.  “I mean who wouldn’t love helping really great folks build their dream home?”   She believes to keep it light, keep it fun, keep it in budget and get it done. “In the end, it’s not just homes Picasso builds; we are also building lasting friendships.  And, if we have a couple of laughs along the way, perfect!”

Next, Jeff found himself in Montana building high-end homes where the western craftsman thrive. Here, he was drawn to the high quality 

Toni Hesse has been successfully creating inspired designs for both residential and commercial clients for 28 years. She is delighted to have projects in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado mountain resorts, and nationally in a number of other States.

It is Toni’s goal to help our clients discover their unique style, by learning their vision, needs, and budgeted outlay for their home. Then we synthesize our clients’ ideas and objectives with thereality of function and finances to deliver a truly innovative design plan.  


About the Builder

The Artful Integration of Design & Lifestyle.

Few endeavors in life provide the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment like that of planning and building a new custom home. Because of this, an essential starting point is the selection of a Builder whom you can trust to understand your needs and provide the ultimate sanctuary in which to live and enjoy your life.

The most creative custom on-your-lot builder in Colorado Springs with the team members of Picasso Homes having 50+ years of collective construction experience. We have delivered over 1,000 single family homes in Colorado and Florida. The company may be newer, but the founding members of Picasso Homes have the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional value in your new home integrated with a collaborative design process that is uniquely Picasso.​


​Client Relations, Director of Communications and Marketing


Architectural Design and Graphics

Jeff’s enjoyment in building came at a young age. As a boy, he regularly ended up in his Dad’s shop tinkering with whatever wood scraps he could find. This passion led him to begin a construction career in eastern Wyoming where he worked with a small, talented crew building log homes on the beautiful, cold and windy prairie.  


Founding Member and Consultant – MBA, CPA

Using his extensive experience in Finance and Accounting, Michael directs all of the financial and business operations for Picasso Homes.  Michael has been a part-time resident of 

through the form and function of each design, while simultaneously analyzing the structural requirements and concerns unique to every project.  His “4-sided Architecture” philosophy enables him to capture stunning views while integrating the overall design with the natural topography of each specific lot.  Keeping the client’s vision and expectations in mind, Brett strives to ensure that each original Picasso Homes design is not only elegant, but efficiently designed and cost effective to build.  “The artful integration of design and lifestyle”

demands of Timber Frame and SIPS panel home construction. Jeff learned how the homes of the mountain west could grace the land they were built in. He continued to refine his eye for excellent construction techniques and educated himself in new and more efficient ways to build.

Originally a Colorado native, Jeff returned to the Front Range and moved to Colorado Springs to marry his bride in 2007. Since then, He has been involved in a variety of high quality home building projects in El paso, Teller, Summit, Grand, Park and Jefferson Counties.  Jeff brings to the Picasso team his commitment to extraordinary craftsmanship and desire to ease the construction process for each client.

Beginning with space planning, the team is working together to integrate the mechanics of the house with exquisite finishes. We skillfully select the major elements and the smallest details. Toni and the team take exceptional care in maximizing our clients’ budget, while creating a stunning home.

This attention to detail has earned Toni a long and growing list of superb and lasting client relationships who sincerely appreciate reality based design.
Her success is founded on the premise that she turns the ordinary into the exceptional!


Founding Member and Associate Broker with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Since moving to Colorado over 15 years ago Doug has spent the majority of his business efforts developing his knowledge of the real estate market through hard work and networking with the premier developers, builders and organizations in Colorado Springs. His entrepreneurial spirit

Meet the Team


General Contractor

Colorado Springs for over 10 years and has dual residency in Naples. Florida where he oversees the business operations of Gulfstream homes. He has been active in the residential construction industry in Southwest Florida since 1998 and is bringing his knowledge and experience to Picasso Homes.  A 2-time graduate of the University of Florida, Michael’s leadership and business experience is unique in the industry and positions Picasso Homes well to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Picasso Homes is proud of its stunning homes and the process that it takes to achieve them.

Bringing the fundamental elements together: the architect, builder, general contractor, design team and site manager all work in a collaborative effort.  As an integrated team, all parties working in tandem, Picasso Homes eliminates costly mistakes and change orders, keeping the project on schedule and on budget, while providing a seamless methodology to custom home building.  “Our approach is what makes us unique,” says owner, Doug Osinski.  As a Real Estate agent, Doug witnessed too many clients face overwhelming challenges with the building process.  Picasso Homes was designed to eliminate those aggravations and uncertainty of building your dream home.

With a combined 75 years in the industry, come see how our skilled and dedicated team integrates fresh ideas, uses innovative materials, and turns your vision of home into an achievable, gratifying reality.

has taken him to different ventures that have been successful, but by no means easy to build. Doug spent a decade setting up Internet distribution companies throughout the United States and abroad. He also started a thriving technology company from scratch and sold in 2007. He has helped over 60 families build their custom home as a real estate agent and currently holds a license with Sotheby’s International Realty.Even with the best builders in town helping his clients it became clear there was a void in Colorado Springs with a builder that really understood the process and communicated effectively from the beginning to the end. Innovative design was another focus that he feels was missing. He has an intimate knowledge of the building process from personally designing and coordinating the build and sale of numerous luxury homes. His time is now devoted to helping individual’s sell their property and build their dream home.

Brett Stills was born and raised as third generation Colorado native and is intimately aware of El Paso county and the surrounding areas.  After graduating college in 1996, Brett studied under a licensed architect for the next twelve years while at the same time managing the drafting department at a large structural engineering firm.  This double education in structures and architecture has given Brett the ability to think 

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